lundi 19 juin 2017

Life, life : And This I Dreamt, and This I Dream

                                                          Ryuichi Sakamoto, Life, life
                                                             Poem : Arseny Tarkovsky
                                                                 Voice : David Sylvian
                                                                 [Album : async, 2017]

And this I dreamt, and this I dream,
And some time this I will dream again,
And all will be repeated, all be re-embodied,
You will dream everything I have seen in dream.

To one side from ourselves, to one side from the world
Waves follows wave to break on the shore,
On each wave is a star, a person, a bird,
Dreams, reality, death - on wave after wave.

No need for a date : I was, I am, and I will be,
Life is a wonder of wonders, and to wonder
I dedicate myself, on my knees, like an orphan,
Alone - among mirrors - fenced in by reflections :
Cities and seas, iridescent, intensified.
A mother in tears takes a child on her lap.

                             _ Arseny Tarkovsky
                            From : Life, life. 1965